Casa 4 Planos
d.2009   b.2009-2011
Santa Catarina, NLE. MX.
Built by Dear Architects

Plot: 200 m2 (2 153 ft2)
Built area: 300 m2 (3 230 ft2)

Team: Margarita Flores, Rubén Octavio Sepúlveda Chapa, Abel Salazar López, Lorena Darquea.
Collaborators: Daniela Bejarano, Sofía Arévalo.

Photo Credits: Dear Architects and Karen Mendoza.

With a double ulterior motive, assure the views to the mountains and provide the living areas contact with the interior outdoors, a 10 m cube is placed 10 m behind the street limit, inducing the division of the plot on four frames of 5 m x 10 m; fragmentation that permits to incorporate the garden as the void that articulates the relationship between the volume of the house and the frontal access/garage volume.

At first floor level, in axis with the main access, and 15 m with the exterior limit, a change of material announces the access to the private area: a pass way that embraces the lineal ascend towards the bedrooms’ hall, from where you discover a higher space, a 25 feet high open space that allows a ray of light that traces time by the sun path moving through the walls that confine the tower. This void receives a staircase that sets out a continuous ascend towards the family room and the master bedroom.

The character that the house transmits to the exterior is given by the sobriety of its 4 planes, which are distinguished by its change in height and the arrangement of its openings given by the relationship that each bedroom establishes with the exterior; searching for a view and an specific light-shadow effect to complete the tacit sense of inhabitance.